Termite Inspections


Regular Termite inspections (at least every 12 months) are very important ,this provides you with the best chance of detecting Termite activity before any or much damage is done.

These Inspections cover the following:

  • The readily accessible areas of the building and the site including,
  • The home interior– Trims, skirting, door jambs, window architraves, doors, cupboards and flooring.
  • home exterior – the yard, sheds, retaining walls, fences, tree stumps, timber debris and stored timbers.
  • The roof void timbers if accessible and ceiling sheeting.
  • Under the building –bearers, stored timbers joists, timber piers and timber flooring

We use the very latest in termite detection systems and technology – including Infra-red, Thermal Imaging cameras,  Termatrac Motion Sensors, Moisture detection systems, along with Australian standard physical inspection practices. 

Our Evergreen Pest Management termite specialist is fully trained, licensed and insured with 20 years of termite experience you can trust!

Evergreen Pest Management has performed thousands of termite inspections and treatments. Inspections provide early detection and prevention of termites, which if left untreated can be responsible for extensive building damage. A careful inspection can ascertain what type of termite is present and depending on the type and position of the infestation the technician can advise whether your home is at risk and what type of treatment is necessary.  Choosing the right type of treatment for the job targets termites more effectively and can save you money.

We recommend booking a termite inspection at least every 12 months.

Our inspection services include:

  • All Termite pest inspections
  • Pre -purchase building and termite inspections.
  • Ongoing management and inspections of treatments
  • Discussion of findings in layman’s terms, recommendations and advice
  • A comprehensive written Termite Inspection Report including summaries page, digital photos, location map, advice and options to be emailed to the client.

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For inspections we use following equipment :

Termite Moisture Meter_Cabarita Beach

Moisture meter. 

Because termites are almost 100 % moisture, this is an effective way of detecting activity, because there can be other reasons for High Moisture readings besides termites, This is only used as a guide to detect areas which require further inspection with the following equipment:

FLIR C2 Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR thermal imaging cameras can find low levels of termite infestations, often much earlier than their presence can be detected using conventional methods such as moisture meters and tapping tools.

Evergreen Pest Management is equipped with Thermal Imaging technology, torch, binoculars, tapping tool & moisture meter. We inspect for damage with the torch; check the visible timber with the tapping tool for structural integrity or soft spots, use a moisture meter to detect high levels of moisture  (an indicator of either termite activity or water leaks) as well as a thermal imaging camera to determine the level of termite activity.

A thermal camera allows our inspectors to scan buildings and areas that are out of reach such as high ceilings, subfloors and roof voids.

FLIR C2 Thermal Imaging Camera is our latest new tool to discover termite activities in concealed walls. You do not need to damage the walls to find out if the termite damage is active or not, the FLIR C2 will help us determined the outcome of the inspection and will give our clients the most accurate and value for money inspection.


Evergreen pest uses the lates boroscope equipment

This piece of equipment allows viewing of areas that would otherwise be impossible to see into, eg wall cavities, inside trees.

Evergreen Pest Management may use a Borescope Inspection Camera if required to further assess whether termites have damaged wall frames in a building and to assist in locating termites entry points as well as detection of water leaks that may attract termites.

Holes (10-12mm) are drilled in the mortar between bricks or in the gyprock (internal sheeting of the house) also weatherboards for inspection with a Boroscope. Holes are plugged with cement or plastic grommets after inspection.

This work is always highly recommended if severe termite infestation is present especially for building on concrete slab sections, brick veneer and timber wall frames.
While this work will not be a full assessment of the damage to timbers in walls it will detail  termite damage, activity and entry points without having to remove all the wall cladding. Wall lining can then be removed only in particular areas of problem.

Upon completion of an inspection a detailed report is issued , often photos are included, along with comments on improvements/alterations that can be made to the home to reduce risk of termite attack.


The Termatrac T3i has been designed to locate Termites making it easy to identify the scope of the infestation. The unit combines three of the most effective tools to detect, confirm and track termite activity into one hand held unit.

The T3i unit has an all new Direct Moisture Meter which is percentage based with audible tones for different moisture levels which will indicate whether to investigate further.

  • It is not affected by humidity, tiled surfaces and high gloss surfaces
  • Depth penetration 15 – 25ml greater than most moisture meters
  • Primarily has been set up for the building and pest industries
  • Mentioned as a specialist detection tool – Australian Standards AS 3660.2:2017

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What People Think About Us

Termite Problem Coolangatta

Thanks to Evergreen Pest Control Cabarita who spotted the beginning signs of termites we were able to have them treated and the termites eradicated before they did any real damage.

Ant Infestation Ocean Shores

we had an ant infestation that was driving us crazy!! Stu from Evergreen Pest went above and beyond to find where they were coming in and found their nest and stopped them dead in their tracks!!

Cockroach Issues KIngscliff

I was recommended to use Evergreen Pest by my co-worker. I needed emergency help because of a bad attack of insects- especially ants and cockroaches, and they helped me to resolve this problem so quick! I’ll definitely be recommending them!

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